The Strategy

Professional development must be initiated strategically by leaders who have a strategic vision based on the needs of their schools and the principles of adult learning.

Our course, Action Planning for Disciplinary Literacy, ensures that every district-based Reading Ways site leader has been introduced to our coaching approach and developed a strategic plan for supporting cross-disciplinary literacy at his or her school. Dr. Jacy Ippolito developed this course around the concepts set forth in Cultivating Coaching Mindsets: An Action Guide for Literacy Leaders (written with Dr. Rita Bean).

Our mental models and frames shape how we think about our work and how we think about change processes. Much of coaching work is about helping colleagues, other adult learners, to become more reflective practitioners and shift their instruction slowly to improve outcomes for students. However, if the work of coaching is viewed through a purely technical lens (Heifetz et al., 2009) or as single-loop learning (Argrys & Schon, 1974, 1996), in other words, learning that simply requires detection of a problem and implementation of a known solution, then this frame for coaching will likely not produce the deep, systemic changes that most literacy leadership work is meant to provoke.  –  Bean and Ippolito

Our course introduces some of the big ideas in adult professional learning and provides guidance, examples, and specific tools for school leaders as they set out to determine the literacy needs in their schools and develop plans to meet those needs.

AdLit Common Core CoverIf after completing this course your team determines it is time to become a Reading Ways Partner School, we step into action. We work with your school’s leadership team to refine and implement the plan developed by the RW site leader. Most schools use our book, Adolescent Literacy in the Era of the Common Core, as a key text. Depending on the plan the site leader develops, we may use some or all the following:

  • Kick-off events featuring members of the RW team
  • Daylong or multi-day workshops
  • Leadership consultations
  • Online course participation for teachers (for graduate credit or not)
  • Print materials (posters, strategy guides, reading text sets)
  • Printables (hundreds of online materials that can be altered and adapted)

If you want to get started, contact us now. We will follow up immediately to get you or a member of your staff enrolled in Action Planning for Disciplinary Literacy.

The Team


Every team member has been a teacher, literacy coach, and researcher. We work exclusively with middle and high schools to help content-area teams meet adolescents’ literacy needs.

Proven tools and approaches for Purposeful Instruction.

We have created hundreds of resources in for teaching math, science, history, world languages and more. More importantly, they are clearly organized and labeled, alterable, and clearly aligned with our online and in-person courses. Our goal is to help you share your passion for learning in your discipline by making text more accessible for your students.

Course descriptions of each high quality course are available through links on the right.


Ways of Thinking and Working Like a Coach.

Our courses introduce some of the big ideas in adult professional learning, and provide guidance, examples and specific tools for school leaders as they set out to determine the literacy needs in their school and develop a plan to meet those needs.

Please explore the course descriptions to learn more.

Literacy leadership at the School and District Level.

We have developed a set of guidelines and resources for district leaders who have prioritized literacy through partnership with Reading Ways. We have tools to help select instructional leaders for the role of Reading Ways Site Leader, and for working with these leaders to develop a multi-year strategic plan. We have also developed our own Disciplinary Literacy Professional Learning & Coaching Standards which align with our course materials to ensure that leaders at all levels have the same expectations for learning and professional growth.

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