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Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt

A GUIDED READING STRATEGY TO SUPPORT INFORMATIONAL READING The Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt guides students as they review text and discover a purpose for reading. This strategy helps provide a foundation for teaching students what “good readers do” and can be applied to more complex texts across disciplines. Discipline-Specific

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Anticipation Guide

How to build anticipation in your students for reading! This prereading guide is designed to generate interest in an upcoming lesson and force students to find textual support for information. The anticipation guide activates background knowledge, challenges preconceived notions, and gives students a clear purpose for reading. How to use

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Support Argumentative Writing and Classroom Debate with Graphic Organizers

  Complex Argumentation is Hard Creating and responding to cogent arguments requires that students take a position and that they understand the limitations of their own perspective. An accumulation of research on this topic has demonstrated that it is difficult for secondary students to consider multiple perspectives simultaneously while navigating

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