Planning for Literacy Leadership

Professional development requires a Literacy Action Plan to be effective.

Only your school community knows your kids, your goals and your strengths. We recommend that the RW Site Leaders in our collaborating schools take our 15 hour Literacy Leadership course using Cultivating Coaching Mindsets. The course takes you through our four-step design processes to plan our professional development together. A key outcome of the course is a school- and district-specific Literacy Action Plan that the site leader can begin to guide professional learning. This plan is developed through our course and benefits from extensive vetting and feedback from Reading Ways coaches. It outlines which content-area teams will begin exploring literacy instruction together; the timeline for professional learning; which adult learning strategies will be used; and which Reading Ways resources and online courses teams will utilize.

Into Action

We use the Literacy Action Plan to engage school and district leaders, and bring together Reading Ways resources to accomplish your literacy and learning goals. Every engagement contract includes weekly video conferences between your in-district Reading Ways Site Leader and one of our Reading Ways Coaches. Our school partners also use our online courses to provide fast-paced and powerful introductions to important topics in language and literacy development, specifically geared to content area teachers across grade levels. We also provide printables, posters, and other materials that are fully integrated with our training so that there are few hurdles for teachers working to implement new practices.

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Webinar on Literacy Leadership

Friday 10th of January at 10:00 EST

Tuesday 14th of January at 11:00 EST

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