Join our next Reading Ways Literacy Leadership Course this March 2020 to create a Literacy Action Plan for your school. This course focuses on the principles of literacy coaching, adult learning and how to lead disciplinary literacy teams in middle or high schools.

What Can be Expected

The course begins on Monday, March 2nd and the cost is $3,000. Upon completion, the person will become a Reading Ways Site Leader, and receive endorsement credits to use towards licensure or re-certification (also available for graduate credit through Fitchburg State University, if desired). Reading Ways Site Leaders are experienced teachers, coaches, directors of instruction, or school leaders who take our 15-hour online course Literacy Leadership.

Our courses are built around research and strategies developed by the Reading Ways team.

  • Cultivating Coaching Mindsets by Rita Bean and Jacy Ippolito. In Cultivating Coaching Mindsets, authors Rita Bean and Jacy Ippolito lay out a detailed framework to help literacy leaders promote the advancement of literacy instruction that improves and deepens learning. 
  • Adolescent Literacy in the Era of the Common Core by Jacy Ippolito, Joshua Lawrence, and Colleen Zaller. Adolescent Literacy in the Era of the Common Core provides school leaders, teachers, and others with strategies and best practices for advancing adolescent literacy in the classroom. Includes contributions from Catherine Snow, Elizabeth Moje, Cynthia Shanahan, Mark Warschaurer and more.
  • Reading Ways Strategy Book by Joshua Lawrence and Jenny Michelle Thorbjørnsen

Site Leaders will also have access to a range of online materials and support:

  • our multi-disciplinary literacy strategies 
  • 2 face-to-face meetings (module 2 and 4)
  • ongoing feedback to the literacy plan on google docs
  • prompt responses to the online course questions
  • access to “coaches corner” collection of research-based reading to support teacher inquiry groups

For more information on each literacy coaching course components please see our Introductory Email and Leadership Course Outline. Start your journey towards a school literacy action plan the supports student literacy and critical thinking across the disciplines!

Outcomes of the Course

A key outcome of the course is a school- and district-specific Literacy Action Plan that the site leader can begin to implement with their team. This plan is developed through our course and benefits from extensive vetting and feedback from Reading Ways coaches. It outlines which content-area teams will begin exploring literacy instruction together; the timeline for professional learning; which adult learning strategies will be used; and which Reading Ways resources and online courses teams will utilize.


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