Informational Webinars 

Register here for our next live online presentation with one of our founders Dr. Joshua Lawrence. We will walk you through each step of our Literacy Leadership Course and describe how we will support you in making and implementing a whole school action plan!


Attendees will also receive additional written information about the course and the opportunity to win Jacy Ippolito’s newest book An UnCommon Theory of School Change: Leadership for Reinventing Schools


We continuously schedule live online presentations where you can submit questions and comments so if you can’t find a suiting date check back in next month or contact us at


Join the webinar to get to know us better!

What we will talk about in the webinar

In the webinar, you will learn how Reading Ways helps middle and high schools reach their literacy goals.


Every school is unique! We customize solutions based on the needs of your school or district. The starting point for most schools is usually the same. The school signs up one or two coach(s) or senior teacher(s) to the Literacy Leadership Course. At the end of the course, the coach will feel more confident in his/her ability to lead a team, have a common language to talk about building literacy, and a more detailed overview of where the school is and what it needs. Many schools find that after the coaching course they are in a better position to decide which of our other services and products they need. You will learn more about this in the webinar. 




Our services

In this webinar, you will get more information about what we offer. We offer coaching and teacher courses, support for coaches, a network, teachers’ resources, keynote speakers, and more. Read more about the Literacy Leadership Course. Read more about the Teacher Course. 

Product demonstration

We will show you around the website and all its features, including the courses and adaptable resources. 


Ask and we shall answer. 

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Friday 27th of March at 11 AM EST